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Peters attended Chinguacousy Secondary School for grades 9–10, and North Peel Secondary School in Bramalea for grades 11–12.

In 1992, Peters met comedian George Carlin, one of his biggest influences, who advised him to get on stage whenever and wherever possible.

Born and raised in working-class Toronto as the son of immigrant Indian parents, Peters has built a comedy empire by appealing to that wide yet overlooked swath of North America who check the "other" box.

While national conversations about race and culture still ricochet between black, white and occasionally Latino, the 44-year-old Peters has spent the last two decades riffing about the third of the continent's inhabitants who don't quite fit the profile. '"Funny thing is, Peters doesn't really need "The Howard Stern Show," or any other outlet.

After Married with Monica Diaz and then divorce; Russell Peters wife first girlfriend that engaged to become Fiance of this Canadian comedian!

He was dated with a famous film actress who named as , it was done in 2010 and for this he select the Los Angeles International Airport as Venue.

, which was uploaded onto You Tube and became viral, as the turning point in his career.

They together have a daughter named Crystianna Marie Peters born on December 2010.

Crystianna Marie Peters has now turned six years old.

As she accepts this proposal there he announced engagement through social network.

Later on one came to know that this couple married after two years of relationship in 2010 and this ceremony was held in Las Vegas.

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