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Unrestricted school opportunities allow you to use school support and facilities as you would during the season.

Unrestricted school coaching contact means teams can assemble with coaches, school monies and resources can be applied, and schools can sponsor the events/activities.

It’s scary, but we all have each other.” On Tuesday, hours before the investigation went public, Kikuchi cited personal health reasons as the motivation for his sudden resignation.

NOTE: As each season approaches, you can find information on tryout dates, times and locations by clicking on Announcements & News.

“Any useful information they could offer detectives to help corraborate the story will be helpful.” Students would remain anonymous, he said. She vowed to move forward, for the team and the school’s sports program.“I just hope that people know that he doesn’t represent how our program really is,” she said.

The news spread across the San Gabriel Valley campus Thursday, prompting surprise and sadness.“I’m sad and disappointed, this is someone that I’ve known for eight years,” said Sophia Song, Keppel team captain and reigning Star-News Player of the Year. “We’re going to move forward from this as a team and stick together.

While every attempt will be made to involve as many student-athletes as possible, the number of interested students may exceed our ability to safely and effectively accommodate them; therefore, a selection process may be necessary.

Football must follow the acclimatization plan if school resources are used.

The public and non-public high schools of Oregon voluntarily agreed to form the Oregon School Activities Association for the following purposes: (a) to formulate and make policies to promote high ideals of citizenship, fair competition, sportsmanship and teamwork which will complement the member schools’ curriculum programs; (b) to foster uniformity to standards in interscholastic activity competition; (c) to organize, develop, direct and regulate an interscholastic activity program which is equitable and will guide and promote the health and physical welfare of all participants. All states in the United States and several of the Canadian provinces have organizations with a similar objective.

All states in the United States and several Canadian provinces have banded together and formed the National Federation of State High School Associations with an executive office in Indianapolis, Indiana, that serves the entire United States through its press service, publication of Rules Books, distribution of video materials and in many other ways.

Single gender schools would be exempt from this rule as long as they participate in at least one activity per season.

Schools may appeal this rule to the Executive Director on the basis of: Participate only against schools that are members of the OSAA or schools that are members of the member associations of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) if the activity is sponsored by the OSAA, unless an exception is granted in writing by the Executive Director.

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