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He recently posted his pictures with model Amruta Mane and captioned it ‘New Beginnings’.

Rahul, who is currently holidaying in Goa, confirms, “I met Amruta in Kerala in the first week of December and we realised that we had a lot in common.

Marshall and Lily visit their friends Stuart and Claudia, who have just had a baby girl.

Stuart and Claudia are having trouble agreeing on a baby name and that causes Marshall and Lily thinking about baby names of their own.

According to a source, "Vaishali and Kabeer are in love.

Robin says they shouldn't name their daughter Becky.

Lily shoots down many of the names off of Marshall's list recounting stories of her worst students.

Marshall then shoots down Lily's suggestions of Tara (recounting how he and his friends used to pine for a hot girl named Tara in high school) and Esther (a performer at the Lusty Leopard).

This is a place where you can learn to overcome self-doubt, access your unfailing inner wisdom, quiet your fears, unhook from praise and criticism and start playing much, much bigger—according to what playing bigger means to you.

Women like you, with dreams they want to pursue and ideas they want to share. That the world could be changed—for the much, much better—by our greater participation.

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